Synthetic Culture Media



Synthetic media prepared by adding nutrients in lab. so this also called defined media because that contain all defined nutrient. in nutrient component of synthetic media include vitamins, carbohydrate, amino acids , trace elements , antibiotics and some other nutrients.  in this include two type of media first is serum media and other is serum free media.

Serum Containing Media- Media in witch use some quantity of  serum with other defined nutrientscalled serum containing media. serum containing media contain some advantage in culture like that support to cells by mechanical damage during handle  and work as albumin carrier factor. that help to bind to cells. that also help in carrying hormones, vitamins, mineral etc. but this also contain some disadvantage  like create to contamination in culture, also contain growth inhibitor factors.

Serum Free Media- Using serum in media create some major disadvantage so overcome this problemresearcher produced new type of media called serum free media. in this media we can control to growth of culture cells or tissues by change in composition of medium. that type of media also have they factors witch require for cell proliferation and differentiation also. but this also has some disadvantage  like proliferation of cell is very low. and also require purity of all regents witch used in culture. for this type of media also require more culture to produce desire cell product.

Example of synthetic media are RPMI-1640 medium, CMRL 1066, minimal essential medium, F12 etc