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-Total IgE


-Food Panel (up to 35 allergens including: Milk, Egg, Meat, Chicken, Olive, Tomato .... etc.)

-Inhalant Panel (up to 29 allergens including: House dust, Animal dandruffs, Trees .... etc.)


*Food Panel-20 *Inhalation Panel-20 *Food & Inhalation Panel – 25 *Food Panel-35 *Inhalation Panel- 29 *Pediatric Panel-27
f1: Egg white g6: Timothy grass gx: Grass mix 2 f1: Egg white gs12: Grass pollens, early gx: Grass mix
f75: Egg yolk g12: Cultivated rye t3: Birch f75: Egg yolk gs15: Grass pollens, late t13: Birch
f2: Cow milk t2: Alder w6: Mugwort f2: Cow milk gs21: Grain pollens w6: Mugworth
f105: Chocolate t3: Birch d1: Der. pt. (mite) f169: Cow milk, UHT g12: Rye d1: Der. pt. (mite)
f4: Wheat flour t7: Oak d2: Der. farinae f78: Casein ts23: Tree pollens, early d2: Der. farinae 
f14: Soya t9: Olive e1: Cat f4: Wheat flour ts24: Tree pollens, late e1: Cat
f45: Yeast w1: Common ragweed e2: Dog f79: Gluten t9: Olive tree e2: Dog
fs36: Nut mix 2 w6: Mugworth e3: Horse f9: Rice t70: Mulberry tree e3: Horse
f13: Peanut d1: Der. pt. (mite) m2: Cladosp. her. f14: Soya ws18: Flower mix 3 m2: Caldosporium herb.
f33: Orange d2: Der. farinae  m3: Aspergillus fum. f10: Sesame ws19: Herb pollen 1 m3: Aspergillus fum.
f43: Strawberry i6: Cockroach m6: Alternaria alt. f13: Peanut ws20: Herb pollen 3 m6: Alternaria alt.
f92: Banana e1: Cat f1: Egg white f17: Hazelnut d1: Der. pt. (mite) f1: Egg white
f93: Mango e2: Dog f75: Egg yolk f144: Pistachio d2: Der. farinae f75: Egg yolk
f25: Tomato e3: Horse f2: Cow’s milk u87: Sunflower seeds i6: Cockroach f2: Cow milk
f31: Carrot e17: Camel f3: Codfish f222: Pumpkin seeds es2: Feather mix f3: Codfish
f48: Onion m1: Penicillium not. f76: α-Lactalbumin f73: Cacoa es172: Cage birds f76: Alpha-Lactalbumin
f83: Chicken m2: Caldosporium herb. f77: β-Lactoglobulin f33: Orange e1: Cat f77: Beta-Lactalbumin
f88: Mutton m3: Aspergillus fum. f78: Casein f43: Strawberry e2: Dog f78: Casein
f3: Codfish m5: Candida alb. e204: BSA f49: Apple e3: Horse e204: BSA
f23: Shrimp m6: Alternaria alt. f4: Wheat flour f92: Banana e4: Cow f4: Wheat flour
  f9: Rice f84: Kiwi e80: Goat f9: Rice
f14: Soya bean f146: Mulberry e81: Sheep f14: Soya
f13: Peanut f328: Fig e84: Hamster f13: Peanut
f17: Hazelnut f25: Tomato ms11: Exotic mold mix 1 f17: Hazelnut
f31: Carrot f31: Carrot ms12: Exotic mold mix 2 f31: Carrot
f35: Potato f35: Potato m1: Penicillium not. f35: Potato
f49: Apple f48: Onion m2: Caldosporium herb. f49: Apple
  f95: Peach m3: Aspergillus fum.  
f97: Cherry m6: Alternaria alt.
f122: Olive  
f132: Beans, green
fs14: Fish-mix
fs10: Shellfish/ mollusk-mix
fs43: Meat-mix (Lamb, Beef)
f83: Chicken